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Frequently asked Questions

Have a look below at the frequently asked questions about The Creatives Universe.

Creating an account is free on The Creatives Universe. You will need an email address or a mobile phone to verify your account. Once verified, you are then able to create a profile of yourself to attract work or you can look for people with the right skills for a job that you have.

Firstly, create an account on the platform using your email address or mobile number. Once you are verified correctly, you will then you have full access to a 30 day trial in The Creatives universe. In your account you will be able to create a personal profile which can be viewed by anyone who has created an account on the platform. Be sure not to include your home address, your email address or your mobile phone number at this point. Only share information that you are prepared to show publicly such as your Linkedin profile, your website, Facebook (Meta) pages, Etsy, Instagram etc. It is encouraged to upload a head and shoulders shot of yourself without sunglasses on. If you are uncomfortable with this then upload an avatar instead. A picture speaks a thousand words and you are more likely to receive offers of work with a clear photo of your face. We ask you to upload only your face, and not someone else’s. The platform is a trusted one which engenders integrity.

You will also have the opportunity to show your work off within the profile with 5 images. So do choose your best work, products/services that you have created. This is your showcase to attract more work to you.

The messaging within the platform means that you can message the other party and decide if it sounds like a good fit. If you decide to swap personal/company details then we consider this a “match” on the platform, and will ask whether this happened or not?

Again, we would ask you for an honest answer here. The success of the platform relies on the number of matches that it drives across the universe. If there was not a match, then we would like your honest feedback on how we can help to improve the platform.

You will also have the chance to create a summary of your skills/talents. We want you to highlight your top 5 skills – these are your core competencies which you consider are your main skills that you do on a regular basis. Recruiters will be looking for you based mainly on these core skills as well as your location and availability. We will then ask you to choose 3 other skills which are not your core competencies, but may still be of interest to recruiters.

Once you have created your profile, you can be seen by other users on the platform and will start to receive messages based on your profile, skills, location and availability.

In the first instance create an account using your work email or mobile phone. Once verified, you can use the platform to find creatives for free for a trial period of 30 days. After the end of trial then a subscription becomes due, which can either be paid on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Use the search facility to find individuals by skill, location or availability. You will be able to search using 5 core skills and 3 non-core skills.

If you find a person that you wish to work with, then this is considered a “match” and we would like to know whether you intend to go ahead and use a creative that you have found via the platform. If you did not find a match, please let us know why you were unable to do so, as we wish to obtain feedback from our users to improve the experience of the website.

It asks you to share only the information that you feel comfortable sharing online – whilst The Creatives Universe is not open to the public as such, it is open to all individuals who create an online account on the platform itself.

In-platform messaging means that you can message another party freely until you feel comfortable in providing your personal details and leave the platform to negotiate work etc.

All credit and debit card details are managed within Stripe, a professional and secure payment gateway which is industry wide. This means that your personal financial data is not held anywhere within The Creatives Universe, only within the Stripe gateway.

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