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Be Alive in the Creatives Universe

The best place to find jobs for Creatives, Designers and Writers.

We help companies to find the best talent in the universe.

Network virtually and collaborate on joint projects together.

Meet your soul tribe and feed your passion!

Find Your Universe

We promote humans and their skills.

We empower creative individuals and communities in the UK and beyond, to reach their personal potential through their own endeavour.

We pay 10% of our annual profits into charity to make the world a better place.


Press this button if you are a Creative who wants to generate business for yourself. Creatives can include: artisans, illustrators, painters and musicians for example.


Press this button if you are a Designer who wants to create business for yourself. Designers can include architects, those working in CAD/CAM, fashion or web developers for example.


Press this button if you are a Writer who wishes to create business for yourself. Writers can include fiction, journalists, marketers or copy writing for example.

This business supports creatives in a newly focused way, by fostering collaboration and ultimately boosting productivity.

- Jeremy Basset, Chairman of Co:cubed

Connecting Creativity with Opportunity

We focus exclusively on the creative industry, ensuring a specialised platform for creatives, designers, writers, and freelancers working within each of these categories. Our platform is designed to foster collaboration and networking among creatives, providing additional value beyond job search.

We also provide educational resources and tools for creatives to improve their skills and stay updated with industry trends.

Join us at The Creatives Universe, where we connect creativity with opportunity.

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